Blog on Hold

Apologies for the lack of posts for some time. The one common theme of all the best blogs I follow is their consistency in posting. That is something that I have been unable to achieve for a variety of reasons: a number of deaths of near relatives in my family, two moves between countries, a series of changes in accommodation and a general lack of stability in my life. I believe that for me to achieve a consistent level of posting requires a lot more stability and that won’t happen for another six months or so at least.

In addition, through writing posts for this blog I have become more aware that climate change risk can’t be separated from a variety of other risks we face: technology led economic instability, demographic transitions and resource depletion in particular. This nexus of risks really need to be dealt with in a unified manner.

With all this in mind, I hope to relaunch the blog in 2013 (potentially with a new name) explicitly dealing with a wider theme than was my original intention with Climate and Risk.


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