Australia’s Angry Summer

The Climate Commission of Australia has done some wonderful work highlighting the extraordinary nature of last summer’s weather within the context of climate change. The full report, called the Angry Summer, contains some great graphics such as this (click for larger image):

The Angry-Summer Map

And this:

Angry Summer-Temperature-Records

And for flooding, this:

Angry Summer-Extreme-Rainfall

And a shifting probability distribution showing the change in risk:

Angry Summer Increase-in-Temperature

The report is authored by Professor Will Steffen, who has been very active in climate change communication. He has been associated with popularising the idea of the ‘anthropocene’, a new geological time period within which climate is driven by man, and the concept of multiple planetary boundaries:

Planetary Boundaries jpeg

I have huge respect for climate scientists who step out of their narrow academic silos in order to engage with the general public and influence the policy debate. For a flavour of the man, see this Ted Talk here:

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