Off to Extinction Rebellion

This is probably one of my shortest posts. It’s just a video I did in my hotel room before heading off to join Extinction Rebellion in London. Apologies, the video can best be described as raw. I did it at speed, unscripted and unpractised.

Given there are now thousands of XR supporters volunteering to get arrested in the UK, I never got a chance to be arrested that October Monday  (need to get in the queue these days: what a difference Extinction Rebellion has made!).

Anyway, I hope this video conveys the nervousness I felt that morning, but also my passion and determination. I was brought up to always defer to the police, so getting arrested is a big thing for me: I don’t take it lightly.


One response to “Off to Extinction Rebellion

  1. Sadly I can’t hear the video. Volume in maxed out on my PC, but the audio is a whisper. Gald you did not get arrested though.

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