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Putting Climate Change Front and Centre

Climate change is often treated in political discourse as the topic that dare not speak its name. For me, the biggest shock of the last cycle of presidential debates was that Romney and Obama were never even asked for an opinion on what to do about global warming. The topic had become taboo. Too difficult and contentious to discuss in polite company.

In the UK, David Cameron is now completely mute on the subject, desperate as he is to stop the right of the conservative party haemorrhaging to UKIP. I think this is cowardly stance: if the Tory right are going to haemorrhage over Europe and immigration, I hardly feel that climate change will make much difference. In fact, sticking to the original Conservative Party commitment to run the “greenest government ever” would have significant appeal to the much-neglected centre.

So plaudits to Ed Milliband for raising climate change as a wedge issue in today’s issue of the newspaper The Independent on Sunday. The Daily Mail will claim that this will put yet more distance between Ed and that great, all powerful God of British politics: “White Van Man”. But I am not so sure. A true politician of stature should be able to shape fashion, not follow it. The commentary by Ed Milliband is here. See what you think.