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Links for Week Ending 12th January

  • Desdemona Despair looks back at the year through 50 images.
  • While Prof Stephan Lewandowsky at Shaping Tomorrow’s World lists the 19 top climate events of 2012.
  • A lovely piece of journalism by Edward Platt in the New Statesman  covering Britain’s flood capital Tewkesbury.
  • Stuart Staniford’s Early Warning blog is consistently interesting. This week Stuart has some insights into CO2 emission paths (here).
  • Brace yourselves for food price rise in 2013 according to Liam Halligan in The Telegraph.
  • Joe Romm at Climate Progress flags the release of a draft of the U.S. Climate Assessment. I intend to post on this over the coming week.
  • One of my favourite authors, Jared Diamond, has a new book out called “The World until Yesterday”. A previous book of his, “Collapse”, is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the implications of a changing climate. A summary of the collapse theme plus a link to an excellent presentation on Youtube made by Diamond can be found at TH!NK (here).

Climate Change, Boiling Frogs and Pearl Harbors

As we move further into 2012, media interest in climate change continues to decline. The chart below from  The Center for Science and Technology Research at the University of Colorado-Boulder shows a clear downward trend for world newspaper coverage. At the national level, a similar time series for US newspaper coverage can be found here and the UK here.

In my mind, media coverage of climate change is probably determined by four factors: 1) the setting of new temperature records, 2) visible iconic climate events, 3) media coverage of scientific studies that contain pessimistic forecasts of future climate and 4) extreme weather. Continue reading