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Polar Vortex 101 from NASA

“It’s cold, therefore global warming is a myth.” Well I guess (misquoting the bible) the ignorant will always be with us. Here is a two-minute NASA-produced video explaining why the polar vortex decided to pay a visit to northern Florida.

And Peter Sinclair of the Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media has a 7-minute video placing the polar vortex within a long-line of extreme weather events rendered more likely by climate change.

The video contains short interview clips with a series of climate scientists recorded at the American Geophysicial Union fall meeting.

I have nothing extra to add.

Top 3 Images for 2012: # 2 Hurricane Sandy

While the unprecedented retreat in summer Arctic sea ice extent was by far the most shocking event of 2012 in terms of climate risk, Hurricane Sandy (and the images of a flooded New York subway system) did more to raise consciousness with the general public. Bloomberg Businessweek summed up the sentiment nicely:

Hurricance Sandy JPG

From a scientific perspective, of course, you can’t actually say that Hurricane Sandy “was solely due to global warming stupid”. However, Continue reading